Commercial Plumbing Services & Repairs

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Our commercial plumbers focus on the high-demand business environment to provide top service to our clients. With our quick, dependable plumbing services, we help you reduce productivity loss and the financial impact that a plumbing problem can have on your business.

Business Plumbing Services

Whether you own a single apartment building or several complexes, our Commercial Plumbers at RooterStar are prepared to handle your company’s plumbing needs. We offer services to a wide range of commercial enterprises, including restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping centers, schools, theaters, and healthcare facilities. Plumbing services for highly trafficked businesses should be provided by professionals with experience in this area. Things like drainage systems, pipes, and faucets must stand up to high usage in this environment, and our plumbing techs understand the impact this excessive wear and tear can have. We work tirelessly and efficiently to help our commercial clients maintain fully functioning buildings for their customers.

HOA Maintenance

Responding quickly and effectively to plumbing issues and emergencies is a key component of competent HOA maintenance services. Our plumbing techs can ensure that this essential responsibility is always covered. We meet the challenges of this demanding job and are equipped to handle them with ease and professionalism. From routine maintenance, inspections and installations to scheduled repairs and emergency response to urgent plumbing problems, our team has you and your tenants covered. Give us a call to discuss your HOA plumbing maintenance needs.

New Building and Construction

At RooterStar, our commercial plumbers are knowledgeable of the unique and exacting demands required by building projects in Southern California. Ensure your builds meet quality standards and hold up to the test of time by contracting with experienced pros for your plumbing requirements. Our team is equipped to help you from the planning stage through execution. We can assist with the design elements to support the creation of plumbing systems that meet or exceed the rigorous demands of a commercial setting. Efficiency, durability and reliability are the bywords we live by for new construction jobs.

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